Thursday, June 27, 2013


Yesterday I returned home after spending three days camping in upstate New York. There was no phone service and the closest place to access wifi service was about a mile away from the campsite at the local market. Being unconnected I reflected on the travesty policy makers and corporate leaders call “education reform”. Never before did I ever consider myself to be naive until now. Even after all the research I've done and all the corruption I have discovered from politicians being bought off by “campaign donations”, presidents of the Teachers Unions and the National PTA being paid off by “grants”. I was naive because knowing all the resources, funding and manipulation that took place in order for New York to even participate in Race to the Top and adopt the Common Core, I still believed politicians would willingly help us get out of it.

By now I’m hoping the majority of parents and teachers are awake and acknowledge that “education reform” is not really about reforming anything other than economic growth for our nation.There may still be many people still sleeping, but I think they are willingly keeping their heads in the sand and I must say I’m envious of those people, I often wish I had my head back in the sand that way when I think about of sending my kids to school in September I wouldn't feel that overwhelming sensation of guilt come across me knowing my children will be entering a toxic wasteland.

It's impossible for me to bury my head back in the sand and I refuse to give up and become complacent!

If you are awake we need to start figuring out how we can rise up and conquer this system that was purposely designed for our children to fail, for teachers to fail, and our schools to fail?  We need to think bigger than just talking amongst Facebook group walls. Social Media is great for networking and making alliances with like minded people who see through these hogwash reform policies. Bottom line is whether your Facebook group has 3,000 or 20,000 it won’t change anything unless we come together outside the walls of Facebook and stand up for our children, our teachers, and our schools! We can’t just sit back and hope for change, we can’t just sit back hoping political leaders will do what’s right, because they are the ones who got us into this mess! We have to create the change! We must close the hostility gap between parents and teachers! Together we need to rise and unite to reclaim our schools! 


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