Wednesday, June 19, 2013


As we kick off the summer I can't help to be fearful of the toxic situation our children will be walking into come September. Our teachers will be beyond stressed because their careers rely on how well our children score on tests. Our political leaders could care less they spend their time in Albany doing anything but what their constituents want! The New York Senate of Puppets just follows the lead of the head of NY Puppets Governor Cuomo whose strings are held by Corporate entities.They are NOT fighting for what is  right for our children! A certain senator is more concerned with enhancing his political career than protecting our children! I'm guessing most politicians are more concerned with their careers, but really did they forget we hold a vote! We voted you in and we will vote you out! SHAME ON YOU ALL!  COME 2014 WE NEED TO VOTE THEM ALL OUT!!!! Changing of the guard! It's time we have common sense politics instead of you support my legislation and I'll support yours, even if  they know morally and ethically it's not right, SCREW THAT!

Yeah I'm angry, I'm angry because our children deserve better. School shouldn't be a place full of toxicity! 

Long Island Senators start fighting to Withdraw NY from the Common Core, Stop irrational and demoralizing teacher evaluations, end high stakes testing and put an end to Data Mining! 

Expect to see a lot of these signs spread out widely across Long Island if you don't start doing whats right by our children!

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