Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Parents Beware!

FYI Parents: Most school districts are using eschooldata or powerschool to store your child's data and send it up to the state.

If you have a parent portal, sign in and you will notice your child's is being tracked throughout his/her day. The NYSED  has our schools entering whether our child was present during each lesson being taught through out each day. You will also notice your child's report card is on there, bus stop, health record and school picture.

This information about your child is already stored into databases owned and operated by a 3rd party vendor.

Parents you need to know one of  eschooldata's  partners is Microsoft (Bill Gates) and Powerschool is owned and operated by Pearson.

I suggest contacting your district and tell them to    remove your child's name and all their information from these databases.  


  1. This is insanity!!! I feel like I am in a bad dream that I can't wake up from!

  2. i just signed up for this a few months ago......