Friday, February 22, 2013

School Budget Woes

School districts across Long Island are fighting for their fair share of state aid. If you look at the numbers and do the math you will find that even if some schools across the island receive their fair shares their budgets will still fall short. A fair share in state aid is just the scapegoat to the real issues. The real reason districts are facing such financial burdens is due to the new state mandates. We are implementing common core state standards which have no validity and have not been proven effective, APPR is costing districts hundreds of thousands of dollars to evaluate teachers and then there is the testing and technology for the useless testing. School district funds are being exhausted by state mandates and the state is handing your money over to large corporations. Pearson Education and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are raking in the profits and your school district will be forced to layoff teachers, cut programs and other educational opportunities from the school budget. The Tax cap is just the icing on the cake and was passed to deter the public from seeing the silver lining. 

Why waste your time fighting over your fair share when it's not the real issue and won't solve the budget deficits? If we don't start speaking up and fighting the real issue I can guarantee your 2014-2015 school budget will force your district to close many schools cut majority of non mandated programs. The PARCC assessments which start in 2014-2015 require all students to be tested simultaneously. Which will require school districts to purchase an abundance amount of technology and rewire their buildings because these useless assessments are conducted online.

School budgets deficits will continue and eventually lead to corporate take over of our schools if we don't fight the real issues. Stand up speak out and lets fight to keep funds in our schools instead of big corporations pockets and then we will see actual learning in education!

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