Saturday, February 23, 2013

Advocate for Children and Teachers

Before I had children I felt standardized testing was a unjustly way to measure learning and determine success in any content area.

Having a child in kindergarten and a child in second grade I have knowledge of how much rigor children at such a young age are forced to endure. The new state mandates especially the common core state standards are depriving my children of a meaningful education and deterring them away from developing a love for learning.

The amount of testing and assessments forced upon children is excessive and that excessive amount of testing is being used  by NYSED  to determine if a teacher is effective or not. I can't stay silent and do nothing while these unjustly abusive mandates and policies are setting up our children and our schools for failure. I'm not okay with corporations and politicians taking advantage of students and teachers.

I will advocate not only for my children but for all children and their teachers. Its NOT okay to be a bystander while childhoods are being stolen and teachers are being demoralized.

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  1. Thank you for speaking up and being a voice for the children and teachers. I am an educator and have always believed that parents have the strongest and loudest voices.