Thursday, April 23, 2015

If I Go Missing Ask Pearson Where They Hid My Body

Wednesday night  a Facebook page called Education is a Journey not a Race posted pictures of the 4th grade NYS ELA assessments. Who runs the page or how they obtained the photos is unknown. Within just a few hours the post was shared 175 times.  It's no big surprise that by this morning the Facebook page no longer exists. It is unknown whether the owner of the page, Facebook or another unknown source removed the page, that info remains a mystery. 

Basically the response from The New York State Education Department (NYSED) was that there will be consequences because of the leaked tests. Those consequences are wasting additional taxpayer dollars and more class time on field tests to replace the exposed questions.

What's with all the secrecy around these state assessments? Does it really matter if people read the passages and questions? Perhaps The NYSED suits are just trying to hide the fact that they, along with Pearson designed an assessment for 4th graders that was developmentally inappropriate.

Although the Facebook page Education is a Journey not a Race no longer exists these pictures of the assessment do. As a parent of a 4th grader I feel the moral obligation to share these pictures with fellow parents. Especially those parents who will have children entering 4th grade next year.

*On a side note being that no one knows what happened to the original page or person that posted these pictures I want to make sure If I go missing you all ask Pearson where they hid my body.

4th grade ELA Assessment

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