Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vicious Cycle of Ignorance

The murder of Michael Brown has sparked many conversations about racism and white privilege. The more posts I read the more ignorance I witnessed. When people display such ignorance its usually because they have the lack of understanding or exposure. When you can't understand something or have never been exposed to something that tends to leave you feeling vulnerable, the feeling of vulnerability makes you defensive. Being defensive is a way of preventing the reality of bad situations from becoming overwhelming. Its easier to keep a defensive posture and pretend the bad is not there. Rather than examining  why discussing the issues of racism and white privilege leave you feeling defensive.

If we don't educate ourselves and others the vicious cycle of ignorance will continue.

Below are links to an article and research paper that I have found  to be very informative.


 The Undergirding Factor is POWER
Toward an Understanding of Prejudice and Racism

The Death of Michael Brown, Teachers, and Racism: 10 Things Every Badass Teacher Needs To Understand

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