Sunday, September 1, 2013

Trying to Start the Year Off Positive

My children start school on Tuesday. My daughter is so excited because she loves school. Knowing she’s starting the third grade I’m afraid she will experience a year of test prep. I’m hoping this year will NOT ruin her love for learning.

My son is anything but happy to be starting school. He’s angry and acting out big time. I hope that this year he won’t feel that school is not fun, too hard and all he does is work work work.

I’m really trying to start the year off positive, I sent their refusal letters in and we have our sneakers laced to the top with green laces! My daughter excited about refusing the baselines and state assessments because she overhears almost every “education reform” discussion I have.

I don’t want my daughter to develop a negative attitude towards school or feel school is not important like my son already feels. I will hold on to hope, remain positive and hide my feelings of outrage for the developmentally inappropriate lessons I anticipate will be coming home. My district adopted those not so lovely modules on engage NY, so it may be a challenge to keep composure when he brings home worksheets on Mesopotamia or the Code of Hammurabi but I’m going to try!  First and third grade here we come!

Stay strong parents, teachers and administrators and never give up hope that we can put a stopped to this hostile takeover! It may take time but together we will reclaim our public schools! 

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