Sunday, July 28, 2013

Let's Work Together

In the 2012-2013 school year my children’s school district had a trial run implementing the unethical teacher evaluation system known as APPR. When I volunteered at the book fair in the beginning of the year, I noticed and felt the dynamics and overall atmosphere of my children's elementary school had changed. The amazing teachers looked defeated and their morale was down.

I wanted to make the teachers in my children's school aware of my efforts of advocacy. I wanted the teachers to know I am on their side and speaking up for them. Whenever I had the opportunity I would express my dislike of the way they were being evaluated and how unjust and demoralizing it was to measure a teacher’s effectiveness based on a student’s test score.

In October of 2012 when I submitted my children's opt out letter I expressed that I could not let my children be a part of the punitive, unjustly and degrading measures (APPR) that are being used to evaluate teachers and principals in our public schools. My child's teacher thanked me for my support and asked me if she could share my opt out letter with her colleagues. Of course I said yes!

I feel very strongly that the unity between parents and teachers is an important factor if we want to stop the corporate and government attacks on our public school system.

I know for both teachers and parents it may be a challenge to form a unity with some parents, because in all honesty there are certain types of parents that teachers certainly can't or wouldn't want collaborate with of course. There are also teachers parents can't or wouldn't want to collaborate with as well.

Parents and teachers please try to seek out those who have strong values and morals and that genuinely care about children and form an alliance with one another.

We need to work together us parents and teachers and terminate this system that was created to divide and conquer!

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