Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stop Tainting Education

Today's education "reform" policies are not only dehumanizing, degrading and demoralizing to teachers. They also steal Creativity and any chance a child has to receive a meaningful education or. These so called "reforms" have created a stigma that teachers can't be trusted and I'm  outraged by this.

A teacher saved my life because she was able to see me as a person and not just another student whose data would deem her teaching ability effective or not. Today teachers will not be able to reach out to that student who is lost and alone or being abused and neglected at home because they will be consumed by unreliable data and teaching students  strictly to a test. If I was a student today I wouldn't be viewed as a student who needs guidance and protecting, I wouldn't receive the love and affection that I so much needed because I was neglected and abused at home. My teacher was able to guide me not only educationally but emotionally through school because she wasn't consumed by data and her career wasn't on the chopping block.  If I was a student today I would be seen and labeled as a stat killer and I would not be given the chance to achieve and flourish in life.

Education "reform" policies that have been implemented are not benefiting children they weren't developed for that purpose they were not developed to help students flourish they were developed by and for corporations and the only thing flourishing from these policies are the corporations and the politicians bank accounts. It breaks my heart the one place I felt safe as a child is tainted and that students and teachers are both being used and abused because of corporate and political greed.

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